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digital marketing training in Dubai

What are the objectives of this online digital marketing course in Dubai?

Nlptech’s online digital marketing certificate in Dubai will provide you with in-depth and advanced knowledge and experience in eight key areas of digital marketing. In preparation, you will be tested on competitive industry projects and Mimic Pro simulations using over 40 digital marketing tools.

Graduates who complete the Dubai Digital Marketing degree program will receive a Digital Marketing Certificate from Nlptech to validate their digital marketing training in Dubai. This will allow you to move up the ranks at one of the best companies in the world and earn a salary much higher than your current one.

What skills will you learn in this digital marketing course in Dubai?

Who should enroll in this digital marketing certification course in Dubai?

What is the Facebook Blueprint certification?

What is the OMCP certification?

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Digital Marketing Course Consultant

The path to digital marketing certification

Lesson 1 Online Class Flexible Subscription

Good knowledge of SEO, content marketing, PPC, and digital analytics techniques.

This course will help you master digital channels such as search engine optimization (SEO), PPC content marketing, and programmatic and digital analytics.

Social media management, mobile marketing, and digital strategy

This course will help you specialize in digital channels and teach you how to select the right target audience. You will learn about social media, Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, and marketing automation.

Advanced web analytics

This advanced web analytics certification course will help you master the basics of social media, web, mobile, and content analytics. Learn how to optimize your organization’s ability to make highly informed business decisions based on data analysis. Become an expert at collecting and using cross-channel data sources, performing quantitative and qualitative analysis, and more. Sign up now to become a data driver that will give your company a competitive advantage!

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) course is designed to make you an expert in your field from day one. You will learn many aspects of SEO, including increasing organic website traffic through keyword management and research, on-page and off-page optimization, link building, URL creation, SEO analysis, and gain extensive project experience that will prepare you to manage inbound marketing initiatives.

Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) program

The Advanced PPC course is designed to help you become a paid marketing expert in your industry. Follow a clear, structured learning path recommended by industry experts to accelerate your career. You’ll learn the basics of paid advertising, display advertising, conversion optimization, and web analytics, and gain extensive project experience that will prepare you to manage paid marketing programs.

Advanced Social Media (with Facebook Blueprint voucher)

The Social Media for Advanced course will help you prepare for social media marketing. It combines the disciplines of advanced social media, advanced content marketing, and advanced web analytics to help you grow your brand and execute engaging social campaigns. Accelerate your marketing career with this comprehensively structured advanced social media course.

Digital Marketing Essentials

Nlptech’s Digital Marketing course allows you to apply the skills you’ve gained on the joint MSc Digital Marketing program. You’ll learn to solve real-life industry-specific cases in dedicated mentoring sessions.

Course content

Master’s degree certificate

Masterclasses for Digital Marketers


Harvard Business Publishing Digital Marketing Case Study

Advanced Mobile Marketing

Enhanced e-marketing

Enhanced content marketing

Improved website conversion optimization

HubSpot Certified Email Marketing Training

Stay one step ahead with the Nlptech Master Certification

Get certified in digital marketing

Our Master’s program is comprehensive, and this certificate shows that you’ve made significant progress in mastering the field.

Make a difference with the Certificate in Digital Marketing

The knowledge and skills you’ll gain from working on projects and case studies will set you apart from the competition.

Share your achievements

Share them on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook, upload or frame your CV and tell your friends and colleagues.



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