Google nest thermostat: all you must know

Google nest thermostat: all you must know

This new, cheaper thermostat from Google is based on the company’s earlier models in many ways, but it has significant upgrades. This new version, simply dubbed the Nest Thermostat, is similar in shape to the previous circular versions, but it is thinner and has a sharper design than the company’s $169 mid-range Nest Thermostat E. Check out google nest price.

It’s notable that the new thermostat can be controlled using the Google Home app. It’s the first Nest-branded thermostat to hit shelves without compatibility with the Nest app that was available before Google bought Nest in 2014. The Nest app is still functional for older Nest products, however with the 2019 alignment of the Nest and Google Home brands, Google essentially “retired” the Nest app for new products.

Google’s latest Nest Thermostat, which features a new app and a new look, is also cheaper than its predecessors, coming in at just $130. It’s true that $130 is still a lot to spend on a thermostat when you can find super-affordable nonsmart ones for under $30, but the new Nest brings the price gap a little closer and adds a tonne of added functions. As my preferred low-priced smart thermostat, I can’t speak highly enough of the Nest.

A primer

A white model, a rose gold model, a light green/blueish grey model, and a black model make up Google’s latest thermostat colour options (dark gray). With a diameter of 3.3 inches and a depth of 1.1 inches, it weighs in at slightly under 5 ounces. With the same circumference as the $249 Nest Learning Thermostat that Google will still sell, the new model differs in its slimmer appearance and lighter weight.

Despite Google pulling the Nest Thermostat E (which retailed for $169) from its website, you can still have one installed by a professional for an extra cost. Look here for further information.

In comparison to the other two thermostats, the Nest Learning Thermostat still seems the most sophisticated because of its stainless steel ring. The new Nest Thermostat’s mirrored display is just as cool, and it costs over $100 less. It’s a huge upgrade in terms of aesthetics compared to the Nest Thermostat E, which already looked great thanks to its frosted plastic construction.


Only the thermostat and mounting hardware are included in the box. Neither a little Nest-branded screwdriver nor a trim kit to hide damage from previous thermostat installations are included this time around. Google does provide coordinating trim kits for $15 each. While the thermostat’s trim plate isn’t necessary for proper installation, it does improve the device’s aesthetics. Though it has motion, temperature, humidity, and ambient light sensors built in, this thermostat isn’t able to communicate with Google’s Nest Temperature Sensor accessory, which would allow you to programme your HVAC system to respond to the temperature in rooms other than the one where your thermostat is installed.

However, the experience is basically the same, despite this being the first Nest thermostat that requires the Google Home app out of the box. You can change the settings of your thermostat from any location with an internet connection, and you can also set automatic schedules that change for you, as well as preferred temperature ranges that change automatically (using the location services on your phone) when you leave and when you return home. 

There is a leaf icon on the thermostat’s screen and in the app when it is set to an energy-efficient setting, just like with other Nest thermostat models. You can get a more in-depth look at your energy consumption over the course of days, weeks, and months by tapping the small chart icon with a leaf in the app, which takes you to your home’s energy dashboard.

Those specifics

If you haven’t already done so, download the Google Home app and make an account before you attempt to install and setup your thermostat. To get your Nest Thermostat up and running, open the app and tap the + sign in the upper left corner of the main page, then tap “Set up device.”

Is it a good idea to buy one?

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