Hijab Styles for Muslim Women to Follow

Hijab Styles

Modern fashion trends are progressing with every passing day. Needless to say, the Muslim fashion industry is started making its mark too. Nobody can say that you can’t follow the latest fashion trends even if you are wearing a hijab. Even Muslim fashion designers are making their way into the fashion industry and their work is being admired by people of various religions. If you are hijabi, there are plenty of ways you can style yourself and look chic. 

Hijab is more than just a dupatta or stole for women. Muslim women all over the world wear it as an important gear for modesty. They wear it as a part of their identity. Many international brands have recognized the hijab as an integral dressing accessory for women. They have introduced a whole range of styles to cater to Muslim females.

Are you a hijabi wanting to change your look while keeping the scarf? You will be glad to know that there are plenty of ways you can style your hijab. Pick from the ideas below:

#1: Add Some Embellishment

This type of look is not for every day but if you are headed to a special occasion like a party or wedding and you want to do something different with your look, add a bling to your hijab. The chic accessory will bring a glow to your face.

Do you think embellishment would be too much for you? Go for a simpler approach and wear a pearl hijab instead. This fancy item will make you stand out from the crowd.

#2: Wear a Branded Hijab

Do you love wearing branded items? You will be glad to know that brands are selling hijabs too in beautiful patterns. You can easily find beautiful hijabs that maintain the modesty of your outfits. Check out the hijab collection by various brands and choose the patterns you would like to keep.

#3: Rock a Turkish Style

Turkish women have a different way of wearing a hijab. Most Turkish women choose solid-colored hijabs. They don’t just use them for covering their heads but necks as well.

If you would like to wear a hijab with jeans or any other trendy outfit, the Turkish hijab is the best style to keep your neck covered and maintain a trendy look.

#4: Bow-Tie Style Hijab for Extra Class

This type of hijab style is perfect for formal occasions like dinner or business meetings. It isn’t something you will see every woman wearing.

A bow tie falls on the front to make the hijab classy. It’s a chic yet modest style in the hijab. If you are on your way to closing a business deal or even a job interview, a bow tie-style hijab is what you should wear.

#5: Wrapped Hijab for a Quick Fix

Do you want a stylish and quick-fix hijab? This one’s it. This style is perfect for outdoors or when you are on vacation. To get started, fold the scarf into two equal halves. Place the center of the scarf on your head.

Now, take one end of the hijab and pass it through the other end and create a loop. Just tighten the loose ends and you are ready.

#6: Turban Style Hijab

Want something sporty? How about a turban style hijab? It’s cool and chic. It may look like a lot of work but it is very easy to wrap. If you are running out of time, this style is going to save you trouble.

There are so many variations to the turban style. You can make a braid or even add some accessories. You can also choose this hijab style for formal occasions.

#7: Keep it Simple With a Loose Hijab

If you don’t want to get into the hassle of pinning your hijab, this style is perfect for you. A loose hijab looks great on both formal and casual outfits. You can wear it within seconds. You will just have to wrap it around your head and you are ready to go.

#8: Chic Hijab for Work

Workplaces demand specific attire. A great thing is that many organizations have started accepted hijabs. However, you cannot wear a fancy hijab to work, which is obvious. You can either wear a solid colored or a printed hijab. The best option is to pair a pastel-colored hijab with a black dress. You will look professional and modest at the same time!

Final Words

Don’t let anybody tell you there are limited options for styling a hijab. With the right hair accessories for girls and the right hijab style, you would look great.

If you need inspiration for modest fashion, you can follow Muslim fashion designers like Hikmat Saleh, Hana Tajima, and Iman Aldebe. You can even copy their style of wearing a hijab.



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