Make Your Riding Experience Safe with These Bike Accessories

bike riding accessories

There are many bike riding accessories, and the latest bike generations come with much more than taking you from one point to another. The latest bike accessories come with more performance rather than compromising fuel efficiency. They manage better than before and come with lots of safety features. As most people spend a lot of money on their bikes, here are some of the top accessories that will ensure you enjoy your bike ride and make it safer. 

Top Bike Riding Accessories to Ensure Safety

While one cannot stress the use of the helmet, getting the best bike riding shoes is also essential. The same is true for other accessories as well. Here are some of the accessories you need to spend on, and they will be worth your investment. 

Smartphone USB Charger

It is the best riding gear in today’s times. But, if you do not look forward to the trouble of carrying your Power Bank around, it is one of those accessories that you need to consider. A Smartphone USB charger will be attached to your bike battery and come with a USB port that will allow you to charge your smartphone. 

You can also choose smartphone battery charger units with two USB ports, allowing you to charge mobiles on the go. When you are looking for a smartphone USB charger, make sure that it should have sufficient amperage to be capable of quickly charging your smartphone. Other than that, it needs to have a safety cut-off option for protecting the device in the case of a short circuit. If you purchase a smartphone USB charger with a safety cut-off option, it will be one of the safest bike riding accessories that you will purchase. 

Helmet Lock

Unless you are driving a scooter, you will not need to have the area for storing your helmet after you have finished your drive. And carrying your helmet throughout the day could be quite troublesome at times. It is where helmet lock helps. 

A helmet lock is one of the best bike riding accessories that help you attach your helmet to the bike. It will ensure that no one can steal your helmet while you are away. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of carrying the helmet along, a helmet lock is the best option for you. You will find helmet locks costing around Rs 250 to 300, which is quite affordable today. 

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must-have accessory you need to keep with you every time you ride your bike. It is one of the safest accessories for your bike, and most manufacturers profile basic kits with two-wheelers. You can also go for a comprehensive safety kit incorporating bottles of disinfectant, cotton gauze, and a pair of bandages and scissors. 

You can also take essential medicines like crocin and paracetamol but ensure to periodically analyse the expiry dates of those medicines and replace them if needed. You can purchase a proper first aid kit from any reputed medical store nationwide. Primary first aid boxes will cost you around Rs 100 to 200. 

Bike Cover

If you usually park your scooter or bike in uncovered public areas, it will be exposed to the public, making the paint lose its shine. Other than that, it will be the prime point of theft. So, you need to keep your bike parts away from sunlight in the corner shade. A bike cover can protect your bike from the heat and keep it away from burglars and thieves. 

When purchasing Canvas covers for your bike, make sure to opt for suitable quality plastics that would be easier to work with and lighter while providing the same protection to your bike. A plastic bike cover will also require less space, costing around Rs 250 to 300; you can buy it from any dealership. 

Paddock Stand

It is one of the best bike riding accessories for performance bikes that do not arrive with a centre stand. Instead, they have mandatory side stands, but parking on your side stand for a long time can lead to various problems, damaging your bike. 

If you purchase this product, your bike will be long-lasting for a long time and safe for driving. It will rest on the subframe and act as a centre stands on your bike. A good quality stand will cost you around Rs 4000, but it is a one-time investment for the safety of your bike. 

Wrapping Up

These are some of the primary bike riding accessories you need when you are planning to purchase a bike. Ignoring good quality riding accessories can have dire consequences on your ride and bike. Furthermore, riding a bike with all the required accessories is a beautiful driving experience. So, ensure these accessories if you plan to buy a bike.

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