MBBS in China Medical Universities At Most Reasonable Fee

MBBS in China Medical University

MBBS in China Medical Universities

China offers some of the most competitive and cost-effective English-language MBBS degree programs in the world. As a result, it is one of the fastest-growing destinations for international students looking to study medicine today.

Before you read on, check out our guide to MBBS in China Medical University, which includes the cost of living information, COVID updates, and other advice.

Starting in 2020, the Chinese Ministry of Education will compile a list of 45 medical schools that will be allowed to offer English-language MBBS programs in China. Are you ready to study at one of these universities? Let’s first discuss in detail what to expect when you apply!

Table of Contents

1 Information about COVID-19

2 Overview of the MBBS program

3 Why an MBBS in China?

4 Positive feedback from MBBS students

The 5 best medical schools in China

6 Information on how to apply for an MBBS program in China

7 Where is a Chinese MBBS diploma valid?

8 Frequently Asked Questions

9 MBBS degree programs in China for 2022!

COVID-19 Update

With the global pandemic and the rapid response and effective monitoring of COVID-19 in China, more and more international students are seeking to study MBBS in China, and the competition is getting fiercer.

We have a Covid-19 Update Tracker that is updated every week with new information about when students can enter China. Check out this page for more information!

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You can also find out about medical school opportunities in other countries (UK, USA, Germany) here.

Overview of the MBBS program

MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. It is one of the most sought-after college degrees in China and worldwide.

Basic facts about the MBBS program in China

  • Duration of MBB: 5-6 years
  • 45 medical schools in China offering MBBS in English
  • Classes taught in English
  • Each program has 50-100 seats per year
  • 50 MBBS with 50 students per semester – 50 MBBS with 50 students per year
  • Tuition fees: 3,000 USD – 10,000 USD per year

Most Chinese medical universities offer 6-year MBBS degree programs. You will study in the classroom for 5 years to gain a solid medical background. You will spend the remaining 1 year in a hospital internship to develop your clinical skills.

Below is an example of an MBBS curriculum in China.

MBBS curriculum

Why choose MBBS in China?

1) High-quality education with affordable tuition fees.

China is a world leader in modern medicine. Many of the country’s medical universities are ranked among the top 500 medical universities in the world. Chinese MBBS programs are designed according to international standards and are therefore in no way inferior to Western MBBS programs.

The best thing about Chinese medical education is the affordable tuition fees. They are 70% cheaper than in western countries. There are also numerous opportunities for scholarships and grants.

MBBS Education in China

Apart from their specific curriculum, Chinese MBBS programs are known for the following features.

For their state-of-the-art and advanced medical infrastructure. This professor at SUMC

shows his students how to use a virtual dissection table for autopsies.

2) Fast insertion process.

Admission to MBBS studies is easier in China than anywhere else in the world. The selection criteria are simple, and students can easily compose them. International students do not have to take an entrance exam to study for MBBS! This saves time from hectic admission procedures and fierce competition. The China Admissions Office can help you prepare the necessary documents. For more information, please click here.

3) Worldwide recognition

MBBS degree programs in China are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and are listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED). MBBS graduates in China are also eligible to take a number of national medical exams in many countries around the world.

Here are some more reasons why international students choose to study MBBS in China! Learn all about them in this article.



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