Dry Skin Behind The Ears: Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Sun Exposure

Overexposure to the sun can make serious harm our skin. For this situation, when you step out in the sun without utilizing any sunscreen or defensive dress, you open your skin to the destructive UV beams. The hurtful beams of thesun will generally harm the furthest layer of your skin by killing the skin cells, subsequently making the skin dry and flaky.

Swimming In A Chlorinated Pool

Chlorine can possibly peel off the normal sebum oil from your skin. At the point when you swim in a chlorinated pool, your skin comes in contact with chlorine and it dries out your skin by eliminating the regular oil. You may likewise encounter bothersome rashes and disturbance as a symptom of chlorinated water. Lebron James Wife


Got dried out skin shows that your body is inadequate with regards to water. On the off chance that your customary water admission isn’t adequate, your skin would be got dried out. Lack of hydration can make your skin incredibly dry and dull-looking.


Nicotine is an essential part of cigarettes. Utilization of nicotine is destructive to you as it disrupts your blood stream by restricting the veins. Alongside significant medical problems, it triggers skin dryness. [2]

Dry Skin Behind The Ears


Stress affects your body than you suspect. At the point when you are worried about something, your body discharges chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol. An expansion in adrenaline causes over the top perspiring which causes you to lose an excessive lot of water from your body. It can prompt lack of hydration. Dried out skin looks dry and helpless.

Outrageous Weathers

Dry skin behind the ears might be brought about by outrageous weather patterns in your space. Both sweltering and chilly climate can dry out your skin. Indeed, even your room’s temperature matters a ton for your skin. Assuming it’s excessively hot or dry, it can antagonistically affect your skin.

Cruel Soaps

Synthetic based cruel cleansers and body cleaning agents frequently truly affect your skin. It takes off the normal oils from your skin and makes it dry. Exactly the same thing applies to scents also. A large number of you use scent behind your ear, it might give you a pleasant scent yet your skin endures.

Hypersensitive Reactions

Some of you could have hypersensitive responses to specific metals. For instance, on the off chance that you are oversensitive to nickel, wearing a nickel based hoop can prompt an unfavorably susceptible response, hence prompting dry, irritated skin behind your ears.

Skin Conditions

There are not many persistent skin conditions that might cause dryness on your skin. Psoriasis, skin inflammation and seborrheic dermatitis are among them. Psoriasis [3] develops skin cells in your body and it feels dry and bothersome. It can occur behind the ears as well. Also, dermatitis [4] begins with dryness on your skin and later makes your skin sore and bothersome. Seborrheic dermatitis also causes dandruff-like skin drops behind the ears. Your skin shows up very dry and flaky.

How To Treat Dry Skin Behind The Ears?

  1. Over The Counter Creams
    You can take a stab at utilizing over-the-counter creams to treat your dry and layered skin issues. Such skin creams contain lactic corrosive and urea and work perfectly on incredibly dry skin. The measurement is for the most part educated on the item name itself, be that as it may, you can in any case explain with the drug specialist about the use.
  2. Change Your Soap
    Presenting your skin to unforgiving cleansers or cleaning agents can dry out your skin. It’s wise to change to something normal and gentle that wouldn’t hurt your fragile skin. Go for antibacterial cleansers that purifies your skin as well as shields it from microorganisms and microscopic organisms. You can likewise utilize a gentle saturating cleanser.
  3. Try not to Itch
    In the event that your skin feels irritated because of outrageous dryness, it needs consideration. Try not to utilize your nails to scratch the all around aggravated skin. Maybe hold a virus pack behind your ear for a quieting impact. Get a mitigating cream from any clinical store to decrease the sensation and tingling. Hydrocortisone is a regularly utilized skin cream/balm used to ease tingling.
  4. Saturate Your Skin
    Moisturization becomes fundamental on account of dry skin. You can browse an extensive variety of moisturizer, salve or cream to treat dry skin behind the ears. Treatments are for the most part made of water and oil and they give an extreme security for your skin. It likewise endures long. Since cream contains more water than oil, it should be applied on different occasions a day. Moisturizers then again are a piece runny and require incessant application.
  5. Avoid Allergens
    Assuming you are adversely affected by some metal or fixings, attempt to avoid it. Pick your #1 gems carefully. Check assuming you are susceptible to the metal. Assuming that your skin feels delicate to the metal, quit wearing it right away.

Tips To Prevent Dry Skin Behind The Ears

  1. Apply sunscreen behind your ear when you are going out in the sun or going for a swimming meeting.
  2. Assuming you are living in outrageous climate, ensure your room temperature is moderate.
  3. Stay away from any metals or fixings that can set off unfavorably susceptible responses.
  4. Utilize normal aromas rather than standard scents.
  5. Try not to wash up. It might dry out your skin.
  6. Use cleansers and cleaning agents planned regular fixings on your skin.
  7. Ensure you hydrate day to day.
  8. Saturate the skin behind your ear routinely.

When To Consult Your Doctor?

In the event that saturating or utilizing skin creams doesn’t appear to help your skin, now is the ideal time to counsel your primary care physician for help. Outrageous dry and flaky skin can be something other than dryness. It tends to be side effects of serious skin conditions like psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. All things considered, over-the-counter prescriptions probably won’t work. Appropriately endorsed drug is expected for such skin conditions.

Likewise, assuming that you keep these skin conditions untreated, it can prompt further disease. Your primary care physician is the perfect individual to propose the right treatment relying upon the seriousness and regardless of whether you want any sort of wet dressing.

Wrapping Up

Dry skin behind the ears can be overseen in the event that you make a couple of way of life changes and follow a legitimate healthy skin schedule. It as a rule can be overseen by applying lotion or over-the-counter creams on the impacted region. In any case, in the event that the dryness is a side effect of a serious skin condition, it will require time and clinical consideration.

Be aware of understanding the side effects almost immediately to decide the right treatment. Likewise, go to the preparatory lengths we have referenced in the article to safeguard your skin. We trust that they help!

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