Top 10 Strategies for Writing Critical Care Nursing Dissertation

Critical care nursing is a hot field nowadays. More and more students are getting enrolled on this field with each passing day. However, only a few students know that to get this degree, they have to submit a critical care nursing dissertation. Yes, it is the most important part of this degree and writing a quality dissertation is the need of this degree. Failure to submit such a dissertation means failure in the university.

Over the years, it has been seen that more and more students are getting failed in critical care nursing dissertation. The primary reason behind this is that they do not know the ways to write such a dissertation. Therefore, in today’s article, we will unpack the top 10 strategies to write a perfect dissertation in this field. So, let’s get started straight away.

Top 10 strategies for writing a critical care nursing dissertation

Securing admission into a nursing course does not guarantee that you can also work on the dissertation too. To write a dissertation, you must know the strategies of good writing. As you are unaware of them and need some help, a brief description of the top 10 is as follows:

1. Choose a unique topic

First things first, to write a dissertation, you need a topic. As far as the topic is concerned, you should choose a topic which is focused on one thing and has some kind of uniqueness associated with it. You must not go for too broad topics because they will create problems for you in the long run.

2. Refine the topic

The next step is to refine your selected topic. In the first step, you already have your topic, but here I am telling you to refine your chosen topic. It is necessary because topics selected at first sight mostly bring problems. So, discuss the topic with your teacher and then finalise it after some refinement.

3. Formulate research questions

Step no. 3 is about the formulation of research questions. It asks the critical care nursing dissertation writer to craft the questions that he desires to answer. The questions must be related to the topic of your dissertation and should be researchable.

4. Research the topic and questions

Once you have your topic and crafted the research questions, the next step is to conduct thorough research on the topic. Explore all the relevant information present on different websites and Google. To gather the relevant information, you can use different Google research strategies.

5. Plan the dissertation

Once you have all the material related to the critical care nursing dissertation, it is time to plan the dissertation based on what you have. It includes creating a tentative and imaginary plan which includes the major sections of your dissertation. You can also allocate time to each section of your dissertation.

6. Break down the dissertation

A dissertation is undoubtedly a lengthy writing project. Attempting to write in a single go is not a wise decision. Therefore, it is better to break down the whole task into several sections and then work on each section separately. If you do not have any idea about dissertation breakdown, you can get dissertation help online.

7. Write as you go

The 7th step is about writing the dissertation. After performing all the 6 steps mentioned above, you have got considerable material to start writing the dissertation. Therefore, you must start writing it as long as you finish the research and planning phase. It is because the dissertation takes time to get completed.

8. Justify all your choices

While writing a dissertation, you make a lot of choices. You choose your own research methods based on the requirement of the dissertation and your own analysis methods. It is the best practice in writing a critical care nursing dissertation that you justify all these choices.

9. Cite the sources properly

Citation means referring to the sources you have used during the writing process of your dissertation. As the writer, you must not forget to include in-text citations and references at the end of your dissertation. If you do forget to mention the sources, there will be plagiarism shown in your dissertation.

10. Do not forget to edit

Lastly, the most important point is that when writing a critical care nursing dissertation, you must not forget to edit it. The reason is that the first draft of your dissertation is not always the final draft. There are many mistakes in your first draft that needs to be fixed, and you can do so by editing the dissertation quite carefully.


Conclusively, writing a dissertation is not an easy task. It takes time and skills to write a perfect critical care nursing dissertation. However, if you follow the top 10 strategies mentioned above, you can easily create a perfect dissertation. So, read the information given above and take action accordingly.



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